05/15/2017: Cannabis Companies Advisory Services for Companies and Investors

In 2017, cannabis prescription for critically ill persons was in part legalized.
Since that time, physicians have been allowed to issue cannabis prescriptions in cases of severe illness.

Furthermore, growing medicinal cannabis will be regulated by a state ‘Cannabis Board’ that has now been established as a branch of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices [Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte] where interested parties have been able for some time to apply for a so-called ‘cannabis growing license’ so that first medicinal cannabis from Germany will be available for patients probably in 2019.

Despite the strict rules set by the cannabis board for applicants (the maximum number of licenses issued is limited to ten), a certain spirit of optimism can be seen on the German market for medicinal cannabis with prospects of high annual growth rates.
This opens up a host of possibilities for companies and investors to engage in the legal medicinal cannabis sector, for instance, in the field of cannabis medical practices/clinics, cannabis pharmacies, import and export of medicinal cannabis (supply bottlenecks have already been seen for medicinal cannabis), etc.

The non-medical sector also already offers opportunities for investment, such as in the area of CBD (the non-intoxicating cannabis component) where legal business activities are today possible up to a certain CBD percentage, for instance, in the form of CBD oil, etc.

This creates a wealth of opportunities for companies, investors, physicians and pharmacies to engage in medicinal cannabis applications.

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Medicinal cannabis legislation

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